Bar Buca - brunching on King St. West (so that's what it looks like in the day)

So. This was a bit of a departure for the usual fare for Toronto Brunch Association. Off the menu were the standards that we are most accustomed to. No easy over with sausage. No omelet of spinach and cheese. No eggs Florentine. Not even a moons-over-my-hammy! Bar Buca is in Toronto's King St. West club area that I tend to associate more with night time. Well, glad to hang in the hood with friends and not have a wicked hangover 12 hours later or having drained the instabroke machine. If they had bottle service I would have gotten a big bottle of brewed coffee.

Humm, maybe if I actually went to Florence this is the kind of early meal (do they even brunch there?) we would have. I would even sit at a table to have it and not drink the late at the bar. If anyone want to suggest where to eat in Florence....

 Now that I think of it I really ought to have gotten an orange juice too. Bar Buca is in this building, Seventy5 Portland, designed by Philippe Starck. Since he also designed this …

Toronto Brunch Association in Ottawa

Pop up brunch is a thing. Famous local Ottawa chef held a pop up brunch at Raw Sugar Cafe. Very tasty! And a wonderfully poached egg :)
So skip the Great Glebe Garage Sale an eat some of this...

Toronto Brunch heads to Madoc

Travelling from Toronto to Ottawa requires at least one stop - food and gas. Madoc is a near half way place. We found the Murdock Firehouse Grill just opposite the train station (well almost opposite). Not bad. Could have used a few more flavours - maybe some fried onion or peppers. Service was pleasant enough for some come from away folks. Best of all, if you want some new guitar strings the have a great selection! Poached, brown toast and Ernie Ball medium.

Cafe du Neuf, oh la la

It is just like being in Paris. All the staff are from France or seems. Inside is too small, but with the patio across from Clarence Square park it's enough to imagine you are having a petit cafe in the Tuileries.

Three Speed (bar first, brunch second)

Grooved our way all the way to Bloordale Village for some eoufs.
Points for grill top cooked homefris, french press coffee and some general tastyness.
Gonna come here for drinks some night.
1263 Bloor St West

Word on Toronto Brunch

Word on the Street is that Kilgours brunch is good to eat before heading off to Word on the Street.
I must say the pleasant early fall light shining in through our window overlooking Bloor St was sublime.
Service was lovely, not too busy and nice home fries. Still not sure about salad with brunch.

509 Bloor Street West  

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